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Through Challenge Emerges Something Amazing

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You’d be hard pressed at this point to find someone whose life hasn’t been impacted by the coronavirus in some way—whether physically, emotionally, financially, or otherwise. Our world has changed, and all of the uncertainty we’re experiencing is unsettling at best.

But amid all the doom and gloom, have you noticed any positives of this pandemic?

Neighbors are helping neighbors. Volunteers are donating blood. Sewers are making masks. Musicians are playing concerts from their balconies. The list goes on.

All you do-gooders out there, we see you! We’re beyond impressed, and you truly give us hope for humanity—and for the future post-COVID-19.

We at The 6th Clothing Co also remain committed to doing good in our community (and beyond!).

We will get through this. We ARE getting through this. And we’re confident our collective efforts are making a difference.

One of our latest nonprofit partners, Colorado Miss Amazing, are no strangers to helping either. Here’s how they’re spreading positivity among those facing challenges of a different sort.

Recent Partnerships

Much like everyone else, the ripple effects of COVID-19 has had a negative impact on our business operations, partnership opportunities and many events we were excited about this year, but we still wanted to highlight the work we have done and that our partners do. One of our 2020 highlighted nonprofit Partners of the Month was Colorado Miss Amazing.

Colorado Miss Amazing Logo

Colorado Miss Amazing was born on the premise of pageantry, something its founder Jordan Somer participated in personally to expand her potential. After volunteering one year at the Special Olympics, Jordan was determined to make this platform accessible and empowering for the female athletes she met at the games. 
The first Miss Amazing pageant was held in November 2007 in Omaha, Nebraska. The program has since spread to 30+ states, including Colorado.

According to its website, “Colorado Miss Amazing is so much more than a pageant. The pageant is just the beginning of the journey. It is a platform for girls and women with disabilities to have their voices heard and their faces recognized, and to share their abilities, ambitions, and dreams with the world.”

But like most other events this year, the Colorado Miss Amazing pageant—initially slated to take place in March—was forced to postpone in the wake of the coronavirus. The good news is the show will go on September 26-27 in Parker, Colorado.

The 6th Clothing Co is proudly one of the sponsors of the event this year. As with all past partnerships, we recently created custom-designed Colorado Miss Amazing branded apparel and products pro-bono to highlight and raise awareness of this nonprofit.
We also have committed to donating 50% of the profits from these sales directly to the organization moving forward as with all our past partners.

For this story, The 6th interviewed Jeanie Kochis, State Director of Colorado Miss Amazing so we could get a better understanding of how our donation will impact their work. 

Colorado Miss Amazing and The 6th Clothing Co Team Members
Left to Right: Jeanie Kochis, Badi Tolo–Founder/CEO The 6th Clothing Co, 
Phoebe Kochis–Former Pageant Queen and Daughter of Jeanie Kochis,
Laurie Pierce–Social Media Director Colorado Miss Amazing

(Photo taken during preparation for event before postponement due to COVID-19 concerns)

“Proceeds will go toward the expenses associated with holding our events for our participants, as well as to workshops intended to teach valuable life skills and provide opportunities to our participants to set goals and reach them,” Jeanie said.

Jeanie went on to say, “Because we are a self-advocacy organization, we see a lot of personal growth in our participants. I see so many of them become the best version of themselves, with our program contributing to that fact.

“Many of them gain the confidence to go on and do more for their cause and platform. It is indeed rewarding.”

In fact, these women are so amazing, you may have seen them out in the world making a difference.

“Some have gone on to become public speakers, actresses, dancers, policymakers, committee members, singers, performers, and entrepreneurs. When you see a woman with a disability helping a customer, or in a commercial, or dancing on a TV show, or acting in a movie, she quite possibly was a Miss Amazing participant!” Jeanie said.

 We’re not crying, you’re crying!

If you’re feeling as inspired by this organization as we are, Colorado Miss Amazing is always seeking volunteers and committee members to help plan and produce events, as well as photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, builders, entertainers, printers, promoters, and more.

“When given the opportunity, these girls and women soar. And we get to witness it!” added Jeanie.

For further event details and the most up-to-date information about this nonprofit, visit the Colorado Miss Amazing website.  


Wrapping Up 

We at The 6th Clothing Co wish you and yours health and positivity amid these trying times. Please check out our Cause Collection here, as well as on Facebook and Instagram (Please use hashtags #repthe6th #onetribe) to connect and spread our mission of inspiring confidence and unity.

We hope you’ll take a minute to check out the Cause Collection for other merchandise that supports our past highlighted nonprofits. Together we are more powerful, and right now especially, we are so grateful for all who shop The 6th because its about more than clothing.

As always, if you would like to submit an organization that could benefit from a partnership, we encourage you to let us know in the comments below. You can also reach us directly here.

Thank you for all of your support and for being part of The 6th fam.

One Team. Together. One Tribe!

Jeanie Kochis Badi Tolo Phoebe Kochis



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