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Kansas Miss Amazing - Ambassador Sara Pietig

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The 6th recently interviewed Sara Pietig, a Kansas Miss Amazing Ambassador. An ambassador is a volunteer leadership position within the state where the women of the program can go out and recruit and spread the Miss Amazing mission to the community. During here time as a representative, Sara went above and beyond in showing her leadership skills, thus earning her the opportunity to continue as an ambassador. What better way to demonstrate the mission than granting opportunities within the program. We are proud to support such a wonderful organization and are delighted to learn more about Sara’s story, why she chose to participate in the pageant, and what this opportunity means to her.

Kansas Miss Amazing Ambassador

Ambassador Sara Pietig and her mother Kristie

  1. Why did you choose to participate in Kansas Miss Amazing?
    My best friend was doing Miss Amazing, and she had such a great time that I wanted to do it. So, my first Miss Amazing was a great experience, I wasn’t crowned that year, but it was great fun. My second time was to become more a part of this group of girls and enjoy the experience. And I was crowned that year!!
  1. Tell us about some of the breakthroughs you've had in your experience with Kansas Miss Amazing?
    Miss Amazing has given me more confidence in expressing my thoughts and speaking out for myself and others. I have been given opportunities to become more of a leader.
  1. What is the most important part of Kansas Miss Amazing you would like others to know about?
    Miss Amazing is a sisterhood. It brings a group of girls together experiencing a bonding together to reach out to each other and others in the community. I feel very loved by my Miss Amazing sisters. 
  1. What has participating in Kansas Miss Amazing meant to you personally?
    That I can make a difference in the community, using my Miss Amazing platform. I can get others to support my cause of blankets for kids and Miss Amazing supports me and my disability encouraging me that I can do things like other people can do. It encourages me to be a leader to speak out.
  1. To the parents, what would you like to share about Kansas Miss Amazing?
    Miss Amazing is an organization that makes a difference in young ladies, sees growth when the girls participate, builds confidence and independence. We have observed and experienced young ladies that have come out of a shell to speak and sing before crowds, young ladies that have had the support to step out to advocate for those with disabilities and make a change, observe friendships made no matter what the age or abilities. We have also seen how this group of young ladies have made an impact on the community. We were blessed with great leadership that encouraged every one of them along the way all year long.
  1. What are your duties as an Ambassador for Kansas Miss Amazing?
    To educate people about with is Miss Amazing, to get other girls involved with this fun organization that has given me the confidence, and to reach out to organizations to support Miss Amazing.
  1. What are some major goals you hope to accomplish?
    To encourage all girls with disabilities who live in Kansas to be involved in Miss Amazing, to speak to the community about my story, to continue to show the world that I love to dance, my passion.

On behalf of The 6th Fam, we'd like to say congratulations to Sara! Your future is bright, we're proud to have you Rep the 6th, and we wish you and all the wonderful young ladies and individuals whose lives you will impact, all the best! You are the perfect example of what it means to Do More, Be More, and Give More.


Show Your Support

The 6th Clothing Co worked with Kansas Miss Amazing to design custom merch in support of the partnership. With the purchase of one of our designs, not only are you raising awareness for this nonprofit, but additionally, 16% of the product's listed sales price is automatically donated to Kansas Miss Amazing during their Featured Nonprofit period (thru December 31, 2022, after which we will still donate a reduced 10% directly in a quarterly or annual lump sum).

Also, when you shop other items from our unrelated New Collections6% of the listed product sales price on those products will additionally be automatically donated.

Not only does a percentage of your purchase go back to the organizations we support, but by shopping and wearing these items, you share their message, support their mission, and increase awareness to a broader public. This is how you, as a customer of The 6th, are able to Do, Be, and Give More and make an impact even as just one individual. 

"You can see the effect of your donation in many different aspects of our program and in our communities and our state.  When you see a woman with disabilities whether, they came from our program or not be able to define themselves on their own terms and have the courage and the power to do so, this is a direct effect or an indirect effect of our program.  Creating change is the focus of Kansas Miss Amazing rather that change is with the individuals we serve or in the communities they live."

If you’re looking for more ways to give to this nonprofit there are many ways to show your support:

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