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The 6th Clothing Co. is a clothing brand established on July 10, 2018 by Founder/CEO. Badi Marcel Tolo. Badi, now a US Citizen, was originally born in Zaire (since renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo) and immigrated with his family to the U.S. at the age of 2 as his parents sought to further their education and give their growing family a chance at the American Dream. His efforts and dedication in all he does is to honor the sacrifices his parents made in moving across the world to give themselves, Badi and his siblings the opportunity to live out that dream.

Badi Marcel Tolo Founder of The 6th Clothing Co

Growing up, basketball was Badi's favorite sport to play. He was a Denver Nuggets fan and played point guard taking pride in the challenge of leading a team and creating opportunities in the game for his teammates to succeed. At the age of 16, he faced a different kind of challenge that lead to the end of his high school basketball career as he was cut from his high school basketball team and then shortly thereafter was diagnosed with and would have to overcome lymphatic cancer. 

Devastated and not sure how to process this, with the support of a loving family and close friends, he did his best to stay positive and from that moment on, he set his sights on facing the lymphoma and every challenge he would face with a chip on his shoulder for what it took from him. If he could beat cancer, he could beat anything. He embraced a "6th man" mentality: patience and sacrifice in the face of adversity, but always a belief in himself and what could be accomplished when it's your time to shine.

While he did come to regret never going back out for the basketball team after his diagnosis and successful treatment, his love of sports and competing never faded as he would go on to try various sporting activities every opportunity he had after high school to stay healthy and to prove to himself that he could excel at anything he put his mind to.

Badi graduated with a Graphic Design Degree from the University of Wyoming and somehow still found his way to "the pros" through self-determination after grinding his way through a 2 year period in life where he could not find a job during the economic recession of 2008. He never gave up though and was able to scrape by while building a portfolio of work by doing whatever bit of contract or freelance graphic design work he could find. This included for the Athletics Departments at his alma mater, UW, as well as for the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB). He presently serves as the Art Director for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, a Fortune 500 Company in the professional sports & entertainment industry proudly having been a part of the design team that rebranded his childhood basketball team, the Denver Nuggets prior to the 2018 NBA season.

After reaching the pinnacle of design in the professional sports industry, Badi's personal drive to do something bigger than himself, coupled with his background and life experiences contributed to the story behind his determination to create, collaborate and give back through his passion project and brand that is “The 6th”. 

Our Mission: 
To develop a brand and community whose belief in themselves and in each other can make a positive impact in their own lives and communities when they work as One Team, One Tribe.

When you purchase any product from this brand, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to various nonprofits we highlight and partner with. Be "The 6th" and use that chip on your shoulder to Do More, Be More and Give More Together.

Colorado Miss Amazing Nonprofit Founder Jeanie Kochis, daughter Phoebe Kochis and The 6th Founder, Badi Tolo
With Colorado Miss Amazing Nonprofit Director, Jeanie Kochis & daughter

Womxn's March Denver Nonprofit member Angela Astle and Founder of The 6th Badi Tolo
At 2020 Women's March for Womxn's March Denver Nonprofit

Badi Tolo at Youth on Record facility with Director of Visibility and Operations, Andrea Viarrial-Murphy
Tour of facility for Youth on Record Nonprofit

Badi with rock band members of The Trujillo Company and members of nonprofit Youth on Record
With Youth on Record Nonprofit members & rock band The Trujillo Company

Badi with team members of nonprofit Lupus Colorado
With members of Lupus Colorado Nonprofit

Badi supporting booth at Youth on Record event
Supporting Youth on Record Event