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Join The 6th and get 20% off your first purchase + free shipping over $65 Join The 6th and get 20% off your first purchase + free shipping on orders over $65

Free delivery on orders over $50. Shop online today for affordable, high quality apparel and accessories including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweats, stickers, posters and more. Give more when you shop The 6th for the latest unisex athleisure apparel. Let’s do more together. One Tribe!

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    Shop in support of our Nonprofit Partners of the Month and we will donate 50% of the proceeds back to them. Order any other product and we'll donate an additional 6% of sales. All other cause donations start at 10% or as specified. Let's Do More Together.

    Be The 6th.

    Be The 6th.

    Being The 6th Man/Woman means being willing to sacrifice. It's about confidence and determination. It's a belief in the team but more importantly in yourself and your ability to contribute to the success of others. For every purchase you make, we make a donation to a chosen Charity of the Month. One Team. Together. One Tribe. Let's be more, do more and give more. We are The 6th.