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One Tribe Collection

The 6th Collection Co. offers the best one tribe clothing collection. Our clothes are of unparalleled quality and made sustainably keeping in mind the best for you. We target to donate our proceeds to an associate nonprofit organization.

In our one tribe apparel section, you will find a range of different clothing items including one tribe shirts, tank tops, tees, trousers, joggers, leggings, one tribe hoodies, caps, beanies, Yoga pants, and many more.

One tribe clothing aims to bring people together for great causes. From saving the forest and trees to love is love, we aim to spread positivity through our clothing.

Love has no gender, no norms, only wellness. And we, believe in love. Check out our gay pride shirts and embrace your love. Be a part of us in making this change possible. Our unisex clothing collection is here to help you be who you really are. Join us because we all are, after all, One Tribe.