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The 6th is continually seeking opportunities to collaborate! These collabs can be separate from our nonprofit highlights, but are still important ways to give our customers new products and discoveries. This series is a part of what we call, The Drop Collection. The Drop Collection features exclusive items designed with, by or for other outside artists and personalities. We want to explore and offer products that tell their story, and fit their branding and style and most importantly with each product sold, a percentage of proceeds from every sale is donated to a select list of nonprofits.

These new ‘Drops’ will have limited availability, unless longer term agreements are made with the artists, so get em while they’re hot.

For any artist, athlete or entertainer with an audience, looking to grow one or who'd like to offer some limited edition merch while giving back, please reach out to connect on a future drop of your own. Contact us with your details and timeline and we’ll be in touch. 

Curt Fulster is an author/illustrator producing children's books and animated shorts with stories about subjects that are uncommon, but meaningful discussions. Unisex apparel.