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Kansas Miss Amazing - Beautifully Different

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Haven't written a blog post in a while but heading towards a new year, I thought, now is as good a time as any. What I've (we've) tried to do with this brand over just a few short years with limited time and resources, is accept the challenge of both building and refining an unknown brand from nothing, and simultaneously seeking out opportunities to collaborate with organizations and individuals interested in helping make a positive impact. The latter effort is a challenge for even an established brand, but the spirit of service of the people I've met pursuing this feature of the brand is part of what originally inspired it, and what leaves me encouraged to as I often say, "Do More, Be More & Give More". 

With the recent holiday fresh in our minds, I wanted to take an opportunity to give thanks. I'm grateful to any friend, family, or stranger who has stumbled upon The 6th and shown any gesture of support, whether it was with a purchase, a follow (@6thclothingco), or simply spreading the word. I launched this website and brand operating it as a one-man show in 2019 outside of a very full-time job. I didn't know a pandemic and all that would come with it would soon follow. For many of those reasons, it's still very much a solo sidee venture I operate outside of my full-time job. But now, The 6th is a small but growing community of followers, customers, collaborators, and non-profit partners that understand or want to be part of the mission because every little bit makes a difference. I'm grateful for every one of you. Connecting with such inspiring people across all walks of life is what allows us to grow our brand and increase our impact slowly but surely. 

Featured Nonprofit

In Q4 of 2022, The 6th named Kansas Miss Amazing as our "Featured Nonprofit" and has offered branded merchandise as part of their 2022 campaign called, "Beautifully Different". Kansas Miss Amazing is one of the many chapters of the overarching Miss Amazing organization, a nationally renowned 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Each chapter in every state works yearly to be part of a broader national self-esteem movement for girls and women with disabilities. 


An Introduction

I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Roberts, the State Director at Kansas Miss Amazing, to learn more about the organization and how it is impacting these young women. 

Michelle Roberts Kansas Miss Amazing Beautifully Different 6th Clothing Co T-Shirt

Michelle shared some personal reflections about her own experience and what it means to her and so many other women to be a part of the Miss Amazing mission:

"As a woman with a disability it took me time to become comfortable with who I was.  Society has its own idea of what disability means and those miss conception have an effect on how you are treated and how you perceive yourself.  Miss Amazing is a tool that can be used to discover your own self-worth and to change the perception of what disability is or can be."


A major breakthrough for this organization was for others to understand and see it as more than just a pageant.  This is a program that assists women in their growth throughout the year.  Growth cannot happen at just one yearly event which is why the understating of how our program works is very important.

The Impact

"I don’t know when I first thought I was making a difference, but I see the difference being made every day through the growth of the women I serve with this program.  Watching ladies achieve their goals that they set forth for themselves.  Watching women who were more concerned about what others thought in the beginning come out of their shells and use their voices however those voices may be used."

This past year, Kansas Miss Amazing held an advocacy day at the Kansas state capital spending the day learning how advocacy works and practicing it live was a wonderful experience for all.  Most importantly, it was also a great experience for the politicians who inhabit the state building.  They learned about these women's struggles and learned about disability in a way that could not just be read in a report. 

Kansas Miss Amazing also received a mini grant from the Kansas Leadership Institute.  This grant will assist in helping the women grow their leadership skills in a real-world environment.  They hope this grant will not only assist the women but also assist in growing the leadership of the organization through those they serve.

On Donations

"Donations are always the best or purchasing items such as our shirts from programs that give back to our program."

Kansas Miss Amazing also has a monthly donation program called the GEM Collective.  These individuals not only assist with donations, but they also receive a yearly email specific from one of the representatives highlighting how their donation assists them in achieving their goals for the year.  This money goes to assist in running the program all year and provides the stability needed to receive grants from other donors.

"Donation of time and talent is always appreciated.  WE are always in need of volunteers to assist us in the daily running of our program and our yearly amplify."

The donation dollars from The 6th Clothing Co will go towards providing yearlong programming.  Kansas Miss Amazing holds a yearly leadership bootcamp that is provided at no cost to the women where they discuss leadership from the disability perspective.  Activities such as their Advocacy Day and other social events where the women can meet to discuss topics that are important to them.  

Show Your Support

The 6th Clothing Co worked with Kansas Miss Amazing to design custom merch in support of the partnership. With the purchase of one of our designs, not only are you raising awareness for this nonprofit, but additionally, 16% of the product's listed sales price is automatically donated to Kansas Miss Amazing during their Featured Nonprofit period. Also, when you shop other items from our unrelated New Collections6% of the listed product sales price on those products will additionally be automatically donated.

Not only does a percentage of your purchase go back to the organizations we support, but by shopping and wearing these items, you share their message, support their mission, and increase awareness to a broader public. This is how you, as a customer of The 6th, are able to Do, Be, and Give More and make an impact even as just one individual. 

"You can see the effect of your donation in many different aspects of our program and in our communities and our state.  When you see a woman with disabilities whether, they came from our program or not be able to define themselves on their own terms and have the courage and the power to do so, this is a direct effect or an indirect effect of our program.  Creating change is the focus of Kansas Miss Amazing rather that change is with the individuals we serve or in the communities they live."

If you’re looking for more ways to give to this nonprofit there are many ways to show your support:


It Starts With You

As always, The 6th Clothing Co, could not be more happy to have your support. By repping The 6th and our partners, you become the brand and the change. Help us find and "Like" you by tagging @6thclothingco or hashtag #repthe6th on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media pages.  

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