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Our Vote Is Our Voice. Let's Get Loud!

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Welcome back to The 6th Clothing Co blog, and welcome to 2020! We are so excited for what is to come in the new year, as well as so grateful for completing our first year as new business! The 6th Clothing Co accomplished so much in 2019: we launched our website, introduced our friends and family to the brand’s mission, and partnered with half a dozen amazing nonprofit organizations. 

As 2019 came to a close, and we had time to reflect on our accomplishments from the past year, we could not be more proud, excited, or driven. Not only were we able to make new creative and inspirational wearable art, but we’ve also been able to connect with changemakers in our community. Meeting leaders who spend their time and careers giving back to their community has been truly inspirational, and has ignited a drive for this brand to do and give even more in the coming year!

We hope that going forward, this blog serves as more than just an information source about nonprofits and how they are participating in their community. We hope to inspire you to get involved: learn how you (yes you) can join the conversation, learn how you can make a difference, and inspire you to creatively and actively have an impact of your own!

Newest Partnership

We are very excited to announce our first partner of 2020, Womxn’s March Denver. The Womxn’s March Denver is a collective of womxn* (defined as those targeted by sexism) “committed to amplifying marginalized voices in the movement to end sexism, oppression, and injustice. Through community engagement, protest, education, and leadership, we leverage our platform to ignite action.” At The 6th Clothing Co, we match this organization’s enthusiasm.

Womxn's March Denver Logo

We spoke with Angela Astle, the Chair of Marketing and Programming, in order to learn more about the advances Womxn’s March of Denver is making. Right now, this amazing organization is gearing up for the Fourth Annual March and Impact Expo taking place January 18th. This year’s march is structured around the theme “Our Vote is Our Voice. Let’s Get Loud!”

What is the Womxn’s March?

Following the 2016 election, three proactive local community members Karen Hinkel, Cheetah McClellan, and Jessica Rodgers began organizing Denver’s Women’s March. On January 21st, 2017 similar marches were held on every continent around the globe, making it the largest global event in history. In Denver that day, over 180,000 marchers congregated in an effort to magnify and acknowledge the voices of those marginalized within our community. 

Womxn's March Denver Team PhotoMembers of Womxn's March Denver Leadership

While our alignment is with our sister marches that share the namesake of March On, we decided to change the name to Womxn’s March Denver, recognizing the importance of inclusion of all people experiencing sexism by using the “X” in the spelling of womxn.

In 2020, we are passionately working on creating more opportunities for future leaders and volunteers to join us in highlighting the work being done in our communities. We plan to keep marching on until all marginalized voices are heard, and organizations that are doing the work to support those voices, are lifted up.

With this amazing organization’s combined efforts, and support within the community, the 2020 Womxn’s March is projected to be the most impactful yet. 

Goals of the 2020 Womxn’s March

Angela explained that in addition to being a “march,” The 6th Clothing Co’s newest partner is also stimulating a movement. It’s not about being complacent; it's about taking action by speaking out. In the true spirit of the theme “Our Vote is Our Voice” the hope is to inspire people to act with their vote in the 2020 election. The Womxn’s March is focusing on educating individuals in the community about the true power of their vote. In particular, the nonprofit is focusing on 17 year olds who will be 18 by November 3rd. 

How Can You Help?

It costs money and a great deal of time to put on this kind of event. While many believe it is just a march, they have no idea how many hours, brainpower, and volunteers it takes to pull off an event of this size. 

As you know, The 6th Clothing Co will be donating 6% of their profits from this month’s website purchases in support of the Womxn’s March Denver. We’re also featuring custom designs on our website. Not just t-shirts in support of Womxn’s March, The 6th Clothing Co has also produced mugs, tote bags, sweatshirts, tanks, and stickers. 50% of the profits from these sales will go directly towards helping this amazing organization achieve its goals, in addition to our 6% contribution.  

You can purchase any of our products to increase our donation to Womxn's March Denver, however there are lots of other ways to show your support. Register to attend the 2020 march on January 18th from 9:30-3:30. You’ll learn more about making your voice heard, and playing a part in the development of your community. There will be many vendors, interviews, art, and more! It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who want to have a positive impact on the future of this country.

There are lots more ways to get involved:

The Womxn’s March Denver Chair of Marketing and Programming, Angela Astle explains that, “all proceeds are going to cover the March expenses and our annual expenses to keep us marching into next year. You wouldn’t think porta-potties are that expensive but they are!” 

If your new year’s resolution is to donate your time and make your community a place that reflects your values and beliefs, getting involved with the Womxn’s March Denver is the perfect way to start.

Wishing You the Best Year Yet

Take a look at our Cause Collection to view some apparel we made to suppport our past highlighted nonprofit partners that are working to make our world a better place. As we did at the end of 2019, we maintain a commitment to these great organizations and will make a contribution on any ongoing sales of these past partners to them at the conclusion of the 2020 calendar. The 6th Clothing Co is looking to make 2020 a year of giving and growth, we hope you’ll join us in our pursuits!

Follow and engage us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so we can highlight and support, and connect our growing tribe. You can always shop our collection of new and unique designs and products to rep The 6th Clothing Co and show your support of our mission of giving! 

As always, if you would like to submit an organization that could benefit from a partnership, we encourage you to let us know in the comments below or you can also contact us directly here to share your favorite nonprofit!

In the coming year we hope to continue to grow, to reach more people, and place our unique mark on the philanthropic community as more than just a clothing brand. We’d love to hear about your resolutions and how you've made/hope to make an impact in your communities! Let’s all continue to inspire each other and work together and let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

One Team. Together. One Tribe!

UPDATE (some pics from the march on January 18, 2020)

Womxn's March Denver, Angela AstleBadi Tolo, Founder/CEO of The 6th &
Angela Astle, Chair of Marketing/Programming at Womxn's March Denver

Womxn's March Denver, Women's March Denver Women's March Denver, Womens March, Women's March 2020 

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