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Animal Rescue to the Rescue

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It’s July and we’re reporting back on another very exciting month at The 6th Clothing Co. had in June. With lots of exciting new updates, partnerships, friendships, and so much more, 2019 has been a truly amazing year for this new small business. We are absolutely thrilled that we are able to work with so many wonderful charitable organizations, and equally excited that we have all of you to follow along on this journey! If not for the people who shop our collection and follow us on this adventure, The 6th Clothing Co couldn’t move forward and contribute to new non-profits each month. So a big thank you to those of you following along. 

As many of you may already know, each month we select a charity or nonprofit to contribute 6% of our net sales. We’ve worked with a variety of inspirational organizations doing good for a variety of causes through their efforts. As The 6th Clothing Co continues to grow, we are able to give more, and that’s something we’re really proud of!

So, without further ado. we'd like to share some information about last month’s amazing organization!
PawsCo Logo
As you might be able to guess by the name, PawsCo is an amazing nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Denver, Colorado. PawsCo was founded with the goal of reducing pet homelessness by keeping animals in their homes. 
In order to achieve its mission PawsCo’s resources are put towards three primary functions: community outreach, pet food drives, and pet adoption. They advocate for reducing the pet population. This wonderful organization partners with the Food Bank of the Rockies for a year round Pet Food Drive. They also serve as a partner to shelters and rescues to foster the most in-need animals, not thriving in a shelter setting.

Outreach - Spay and Neuter

PawsCo uses a portion of its donations to collaborate with local shelters. Unplanned litters of dogs and cats are the primary source of animals entering the shelter system. In an effort to solve this problem, PawsCo works with shelters to spay and neuter animals before they are either adopted or released. They also provide community education, in order to encourage animal owners to spay and neuter their own pets. 

By spaying and neutering animals you can help reduce the pet population. This also ensures a longer and healthier life for your pet, as well as decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam.

Pet Food Drive

One of PawsCo’s primary goals is to reduce homelessness for pets. Unfortunately some families and individuals in Colorado are in a position of having to relinquish their pet to a shelter, simply because they do not have enough money to feed them. In an effort to reduce this type of occurrence PawsCo helps to provide pet food to families so that pets do not have to leave a loving home.

The Food Bank of the Rockies has identified a need of 10,000 pounds of pet food each month to meet the requests from their food banks, and PawsCo’s goal is to support the 120,000 pounds of pet food needed to keep pets with their families. The ongoing drive collects dry and canned animal food and distributes it to families in need through a partnership with the Food Bank of the Rockies. PawsCo partnerships allow us to purchase food at a fraction of the cost, ultimately feeding more pets.

PawsCo works to ensure that some monetary donations, as well as all donations of pet food are distributed in order to keep pets with their families. 

Pet Adoptions

PawsCo has a serious focus on helping pets who have the most need within the state of Colorado. PawsCo works with shelters to find loving homes for animals who are not thriving in a shelter setting or do not have adoption options within the shelter. PawsCo is an all-breed rescue where pets live in foster homes prior to adoption, and receive love, training, and medical care they need to be successful adoption candidates.

PawsCo also hosts multiple adoption events a year in order to place these animals. Attending an adoption event, individuals and families can easily find and adopt their newest family member easily, and help PawsCo achieve its ultimate goal. 
You can even start shopping for a dog or cat on the PawsCo website.

Making a Difference

PawCo’s Executive Director, Tiana Nelson described the organization to us so perfectly:

“PawsCo is all about each of us being able to make a difference - that we are better together than as individuals. Our organization is made up of professionals by day, and animal rescuers by night... Over the past six years we have rescued about 1800 animals, and the thing that makes me the most proud is that we are focused on helping the animals who need us the most - animals who have medical or behavioral issues that need to be addressed outside of the shelter system. The team that runs PawsCo is all volunteer, but it's the most professional and dedicated group I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

This month we were excited and proud to be making our donation to PawsCo. In addition to donating 6% of last month’s sales to PawsCo, The 6th Clothing Co also produced Colorado themed adopt t-shirts and tanks specifically designed to promote PawsCo's mission. 50% of the profits from the t-shirt sales went directly to PawsCo, which will allow them to continue to promote community animal awareness, as well as spay and neuter, feed, and adopt out pets into their forever homes! We also will continue to donate 10% of the proceeds from these tees/tanks moving forward as our commitment to PawsCo's great work in addition to growing our brand and products to highlight our new Nonprofits of the Month.

In addition to purchasing a t-shirt to support PawCo in their mission, there are also lots of other ways you can contribute to the success of this amazing animal-loving organization:

  • Donate - Through their website you can donate money to help a struggling family feed their pet, provide medical attention to unhealthy pets to get well, or provide resources to improve animals’ chances at being adopted. 
  • Volunteer - Become a part of PawsCo’s incredible group of energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate volunteers.
  • Foster - By fostering a dog or car, you will be incredibly important to the success of our rescue’s mission to save the lives of animals from underserved shelters as well as helping to prepare for their forever homes.
  • Adopt - Check out some of the sweet faces of pets that need homes today!
  • Follow along on Facebook - Check out the PawsCo facebook page to learn about the animals this organization is helping, find out about PawsCo events, or just look at cute pictures of dogs and cats!

In Conclusion

We hope that learning about month’s partnership leaves you feeling inspired and that you’ll consider adopting your next pet! We’re so excited to help play a small role in the exciting work that PawsCo is doing, and make a difference in the lives of pets and their families.

We also hope you’ll check out our Cause Collection on our website for new merchandise that supports the nonprofit of the month partnerships! Purchases of these items result in an increased donation, and any purchase from our website is an opportunity to not only give back, but to help raise awareness and spread the message.

As always, we’d love to learn about your favorite organization, or to hear us about individuals who are making a difference! We want to know about any and all potential causes that The 6th Clothing Co can support in the future, and work to amplify their message in any way.

Thank you all, again, for your continued support, and for being a part of The 6th fam.

One Team. Together. One Tribe!

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