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Colorado Skyline Etching Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

303 Collection

A Little Help Good Neighbor Unisex Sweatshirt

A Little Help

Icon Wool Blend Signature Snapback


NASTaP Inspiration is Here (Back) Unisex T-Shirt - The 6th Clothing Co.

Association for Native American Sacred Trees and Places

Arts Rising Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

Athena Project - Arts Rising

Athena Project Logo

Athena Project is Colorado’s nonprofit that celebrates and nurtures women’s artistic expression, working actively for equality of opportunity, recognition and pay based on artistic merit alone. Our programs and advocacy work empower women through the arts through intentional partnerships and by curating opportunities for artists to showcase their work throughout Denver. Since 2012, Athena Project has been striving to build a world with gender equity where women’s voices are valued and amplified in the arts.  We value: 

1. The inherent power in the artistic voices of women.
2. Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion.
3. Equality in opportunities, representation, & pay.
4. The creative process.
5. The power of art to connect communities.

Athena Project builds a strong and diverse artistic community in Denver, which in turn values the voices of women at all stages in their artistic development. In a year when ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pivot’ are the words of the times, when we need something positive and hopeful, we turn to the arts. Our theme for this year’s fundraiser is Arts Rising.  Athena Project was founded with an understanding that collaboration is key not only to programmatic success but also to our success as an organization - that when many uplift women through collective work, women and the arts rise. 

For us at Athena Project, Arts Rising means lifting up women artists who have raised our spirits in tough times.  During the coming weeks, we will be sharing stories of artists who have found ways to ‘pivot’, those who are surviving. We are asking for your help as we pivot and adapt ourselves. We are proud to partner with The 6th Clothing Company and offer inspirational merchandise in exchange for your support. When you support Athena Project, you support a woman artist as well. 

Empowering women in the arts, together, is the answer. Together we thrive. Together we rise.

Please consider supporting the Athena Project today.  Shop below or to find out more, visit

C Fulsty Books One Tribe Unisex Tee

C Fulsty Books/The 6th Collab

Big 6 Unisex Hoodie - The 6th Clothing Co.


Colorado Miss Amazing Short-Sleeve Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

Colorado Miss Amazing

CSS Short-Sleeve Sticker Collage Unisex Tee

Colorado Skateboarding Society

DWSC Unisex Hoodie

Denver Women's Sports Collective

Denver Women's Sports Collective Logo

The Denver Women’s Sports Collective offers unique resources and events unlike any in Denver for those who are passionate about sports, events and marketing.
DWSC is here to help support and provide networking opportunities for women in these industries.

Developmental Pathways Autism Awareness Unisex T-Shirt

Developmental Pathways

Earth Day Every Day Fanny Pack - The 6th Clothing Co.

Earth Day 365

Fight Breast Cancer Womens Fashion Fit T-Shirt - The 6th Clothing Co.

Fight Cancer

Lupus Colorado Butterfly Wolf Unisex Tee

Lupus Colorado

I AM WE ARE Icon Men's Curved Hem Tee


Mirror Image Arts Unisex T-Shirt - The 6th Clothing Co.

Mirror Image Arts

One Tribe Pride Flag Unisex Tee

One Tribe Collection

PawsCo Colorado State Rescue Animals Unisex T-Shirt - The 6th Clothing Co.


black sustainable fabric t-shirt Canada United States

The 6th

More We Less Me Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

The Movements

Respect Team Womens Crop Hoodie - The 6th Clothing Co.

The Respect Team

Respect Team Header Logo
The RespectTeam encourages self-respect and respect of others through educational programs in middle schools and high schools that are designed around the message of "I am valuable. You are valuable."  They also empower parents of teenagers through the RespectTeam Podcast that reaches over 1,000 monthly listeners, and they engage students with their community through TeenSpeak, an annual TedX style event that encourages teens to speak up and speak out and share their story of strength, and through the 360AWARDS, an annual event that honors local teens who are making a positive difference in their homes, schools, and communities. 

With the onset of COVID, many businesses and non-profit organizations were hit hard financially. The RespectTeam was one of those organizations.  However, they have not let that stop them, and instead have made their school presentations now virtual presentations.  The schools are thankful that although the delivery of the presentation may be different, the message is still the same and is still able to impact their students.  In order to continue to provide support for the RespectTeam's efforts, they have teamed up with 6th Clothing Company. 

Purchasing the RespectTeam products will not only help provide support for the organization, but it will also continue to spread their message...a message that everyone needs to hear and shout..."I am valuable. You are valuable."  Please consider supporting the RespectTeam today.  To find out more, visit
Black Signature Champion (Collab) Packable Jacket


Womxns March Denver Short-Sleeve Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

Womxn's March Denver

Womxn's March Denver is a collective of womxn* committed to amplifying marginalized voices in the movement to end sexism, oppression, and injustice.  Through community engagement, protest, education, and leadership, we leverage our platform to ignite action. 
Youth on Record 2020 Music Matters Short-Sleeve Unisex Tee - The 6th Clothing Co.

Youth on Record